This review must be completed by all of the following individuals affiliated with the Orillia Lightning Soccer Club ​BEFORE​ participation in sport, through our registration system:

  • Athletes under 26 years of age
  • Parents of athletes under 18 years of age
  • All Coaches
  • All Team Trainers
  • All Team Officials

Thank you for completing your review of the Concussion Awareness Resources available at this time from the Government of Ontario.

  • Under Rowan’s Law, ​ your sport organization will ask you, through the online registration process, to confirm that you reviewed one of the Concussion Awareness Resources in this website ( before you can register/participate in a sport.  Links to the available .pdfs by age category are listed below.
  • You must review one of the resources once a year, and then confirm through the online registration system that you have completed the review every time you register with a sport organization.

Concussion Awareness Resource, Ages 10 and Under

Concussion Awareness Resource, Ages 11 to 14

Concussion Awareness Resource, Ages 15 and up