Hello Everyone,

We have been flooded with calls and emails and we wanted to send out an update note.  Please allow 72 hours at this time to respond to all emails and phone inquires.  New Registration inquires will not be responded to at this time as we are busy planning for the season to start & we are full for Outdoor 2022.

We sent out an update over email with important start up info for U4-12 ages, and one for the U13-18 ages will be coming out shortly but has not been sent yet.  Please be patient as we work through all the pre-season planning.

We are currently working on assigning players to rosters, recruiting the last bit of coaches and making up season schedules.  It is late this year because many people have inquired to register late, and we’ve had a record number of registrations.  You will get notifications through Team Snap when you’re assigned to team and so forth.  But please hold off on sending any questions at this point.  Once the rosters are totally firm we will send out a notice to confirm this and hopefully send your season schedule along with that note.

You can find all the information you need though here on our site for season start up, it has all the info that was sent over email on this page and answers a ton of questions many of you are asking.

Once again thank you for your patience and please hold off on your questions at this point, they I’m sure will be answered soon with our updates to follow.

Thank you Orillia Soccer Board of Directors and Staff


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