Referee Contacts

Orillia District Soccer Club works closely with the Ramara Soccer Club to train, assign and supervise (mentor of and problem solve for) match officials for games within their clubs.  This close, cooperative relationship between the head officials of these clubs allows both clubs to benefit from increased resources to devote to referee tasks.  For example, the larger pool of referees from the two clubs makes assignment of available matches easier.  The broader experience of more senior referees also allows better training and thorough referee support and mentoring of newer referees.

The referee leadership of these two clubs are:

Orillia District SC - Club Head Referee:  Doug Anderson

Orillia District SC - Club Referee Assignor:  Mark T. Doubrough

Orillia District SC - Club Head Mentor:  Laura Smit

Ramara SC - Club Head Referee:  James Newlands