Wet Field Policy

In an effort to avoid injury to players and/or damage to the athletic fields, the following will apply to all City of Orillia owned/operated athletic fields.  Athletic fields will be considered unplayable if the following conditions exist:


-         Pooling of water on the surface of the athletic field.

-         Poor/slippery footing caused by water soaked surface including clay infields and turf areas.

-         Water sponging up around one’s feet when walking on the athletic field.

-         Weather conditions such as lightning, thunderstorms or heavy rains.

-         Recent weather patterns of significant rain.


If any of the above conditions occur, the athletic field will be considered “unplayable” and the booking cancelled.


If a permit holder arrives at an athletic field and these conditions exist or if these conditions develop during the course of a booking, they are not permitted to play/continue on the athletic field.


The permit holder is responsible to recognize the unplayable conditions and if they choose to ignore them:


-         The permit holder could be held liable and responsible for accidents, or injuries incurred because of unsafe conditions.

-         The permit holder will be required to pay for all damages to the athletic field arising from abuse to the facility.

-         The permit holder may have their permit suspended or revoked for any future use of an athletic field.


Wet Field Procedure